Rev. Hollie Woodruff

Rev. Hollie E. Woodruff

Wedding Officiant

Aaron & Mary @ Seven Spring King William, VA
Bri & Wes Photography

creating a unique & vibrant ceremony that reflects you!

Welcome! Congratulations on your engagement!

Your ceremony is a public profession of your love. You are choosing to bear witness to a relationship that has profoundly changed you. This day needs to be perfect!

I craft personal ceremonies that reflects the individuality of a couple and conveys to their friends and family the love they share. I am a good fit for couples who don’t want a conventional religious ceremony but desire a service more meaningful than the courthouse; couples who fancy more than their names plugged into the liturgy and don’t fit into the box of tradition!

Through several meetings, we will get to know each other. I learn the stories and themes that reflect your relationship. We consider your beliefs, values, and discern what elements should shape this important public covenant, ultimately, creating a unique and vibrant ceremony that reflects you!

I believe in the equality of all humans and officiate weddings for same sex couples, interfaith or non-religious.

I look forward to working with you!

Carly Romeo

Bri & Wes Photography

Hollie officiated our June 2019 wedding and we couldn’t have picked a better person to lead the ceremony. It was really important to my husband and I that we had a ceremony that was unique to us, but we had no idea how to get there. Hollie was amazing to work with; she coached us with the right questions, examples, and advice to help us craft our own vows and content for the ceremony that reflected our personalities and relationship. We had a number of guests tell us after the wedding how much they enjoyed the ceremony and how great they thought Hollie was at delivering it. She’s also just an awesome person; she’s kind, friendly, and knowledgeable so we were confident we were in good hands for the most important moment of our lives!

Mary & Aaron

Lindsey Mears

We absolutely loved working with Hollie as our officiant for our wedding because she made the experience very enjoyable and stress free. Hollie incorporated everything we wanted our ceremony to be and made it very personal to the two of us. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to officiate my husband and I. We were more than pleased.

Alexa & Howard

Alex Tenser

Hollie is definitely not your traditional minister, but in the best way! Where most ceremonies are boring, straight forward and boiler plate, she brings a more empathetic touch that makes everyone present feel like they’ve been part of our lives for years! This is a credit to Hollie and her professionalism and the amount she cares about her clients. We only met a handful of times prior to the ceremony, but in those times she was able to ask all the right questions and get to know us so well that when it came time to marry us it was like she had known us for years and she had always been there. She led a beautiful ceremony, and we were really lucky to have her! If you want someone who will feel more like a friend than a minister than Hollie is the one for you! She’s the best!

Lauren & Mitch